Flood relief in Nepal – SVSI

distributed food packages

Sapana Village Social Impact in collaboration with DEC-Nepal and recommendation from local government have distributed food packages to 300 families living in Kalika-10 and 11 affected by floods and landslides due to heavy rain.

The food packages contained Rice 20 kg, lentil beans 2kg, beaten rice 2kg, salt 2kg 1 piece bathing soap and vegetable oil 2 liters. Hope the people living in this area will soon be able to be back to normal life.
We also have a plan to reconstruct 25 houses of kalika-10 and 11 that are washed away by the landslide and flood in collaboration with the local government.
SVSI would like to thank all the partners, donors, family and friends who joined us to support people in tragedy caused by nature and other pandemics.
CHANCE for Nepal (uk) donated £1,000 for the food relief parcels.

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