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    As a young man Dhruba Giri knew he wanted to contribute in alleviating poverty of the marginalised communities and empower women in the area where he lived in Nepal. Half of the population is below the line of poverty, illiteracy is widespread and health and hygiene standards are poor.


    This way Nepal is now in verse of losing its original existence as an independent country in spite of its rich culture and heritage. Dhruba dedicated himself to become a successful entrepreneur and share this success with the community. He now owns and operates the highly rated Sapana Village Lodge that allows him to run a non profit organisation: Sapana Village Social Impact.

    Creating Impact

    Teamwork is a key to success. The task is huge and SVSI joins forces with the Nepali Government and NGO’s, both Nepali and international. SVSI reaches ten thousand people a year with short-tem and long-term projects around housing, education, health and entrepreneurship. If needed, aid is provided in case of calamities. Projects include building schools, offering scholarships, building homes, empowering women , educating children and providing health camps.

    Be Part Of The Change

    SVSI alone cannot break the cycle of poverty. We need to unite to alleviate poverty today and to establish the conditions for better lives for the future generation. We would love to hear from you how you can be a part of the change. Spreading the message, a donation in money or in kind, sponsoring scholarships, volunteering or jointly run projects with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • The Story Of The Founder

    The Project emerged from the Dream of the Chairman of Sapana Village Social Impact, Mr. Dhruba Giri. Being a farmer’s son and working as a waiter in a hotel in his small age, he managed to achieve his Dream of owning a resort and helping the community with his hard work. With the income from the resort and help from other friends, he with his dedicated team formed this pious organisation to serve the marginalised.

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