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    About Sapana Village Social Impact

    SVSI is a non-profit organization initiated by Sapana Village Lodge. The lodge was established as a Development Project with the vision of “Poverty Alleviation” in its community to sustain the living condition of the local people. Providing employment opportunities, giving aid in case of Natural calamities, small support for primary schools located in its areas, etc. were the initial steps outside the lodge.

    Income generation activities

    Our Dream

    Our dream is that each person and their community deserve the basic needs to live, to be respected and need to take the responsibility for their future and their well being. We focus on: Education, Health, Women Empowerment, Income generation and Environment conservation. All of the projects implemented by SVSI are built on these five pillars needed for development and success.


    Our conviction is that “You can develop and maintain your self-esteem by working with all your heart, mind and hands, by striving for independency and by being aware of your responsibility as a global citizen.”

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    Development in Partnerships

    Our projects are stimulated by a “PARTICIPATORY” approach to allow people to become independent which promotes sustainable output and ownership with empowerment. To establish our goals, we co-operate with organisations located inside and outside of Nepal and look for support of everyone who are interested where SVSI takes care of financial and managerial matters.


    The SVSI projects are self-sufficient, as far as possible, to allow them to become independent in a long-term approach. Different projects of the SVSI operate independently. Some have the intention to make profit. With these profits, we start new projects or support people who can’t afford to join school or follow a vocational training.

    Our Short Overview 

    Sapana Village Social Impact established as a non-proft with a dream to uplift community through education, health, women empowerment, economic empowerment and environment conservation.