From an Ordinary Girl to an Exemplary Person

Read the success story of Sanju Tamang – from SVSI NGO development projects in Nepal to treasurer and a job in politics!

Sanju Tamang has been an extra-ordinary example for all the women living in her area. At first, she was one of the beneficiary member of our 3-year project, One Step in the Development of Siddhi by preserving nature. She worked as our facilitator in that holistic development approach. After the completion of that project, SVSI then executed financial awareness program called “Consumer Awareness and Financial Empowerment” (CAFE) with the technical support of Good Return where she took part as a member of the mother group.

Through all the inspiration and dream to guide other women to be independent, she has now entered into the political sector and has been successfully selected as a Ward Member in Kalika Municipality-10. She is also the treasurer of the mother group named Shree Sapana Mothers Farmers Group. With their constant request, we distributed the loan of Rs. 20 Lakhs to two groups each of Rs. 10 Lakhs. She is very determined to engage women in businesses rather than sticking them in the kitchen and four walls of their houses. She believes that women were anonymous for their contributions to our history, now we will be the ones to change the narrative.