Goat Distribution Program

On 27 March, 2023, Sapana Village Social Impact organized “Goat Distribution Program” under Empowering Single Mothers Project in Kolvanjyang, Ichhakamana-1, in which 21 Single Mothers and 1 Single father were selected based on the certain criteria we formed. In this program, we were able to provide 4 goats to each among 15 single mothers through the hands of SVSI Chairperson, Local Government and FEMI representatives. The objective of this program is to motivate the single parent to start up and generate their own income source so that they can be independent socially and financially. All the beneficiaries who got goats were very happy and they have aimed to make the double/triple outcome out of this in the coming days. For the rest of the targeted beneficiaries, we will conduct another ‘Goat Distribution’ program soon.

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