SVSI Nepal Food packages for Musahar during COVID


SVSI Nepal is distributing food packages to 42 households living in Ratnanagar-7, Chitwan. Household heavily affected by the COVID Pandemic.

JITIYA is one of the most important religious festival widely celebrated in Tharu and Musahar communities in Nepal. Even though the festival is considered as the Tharu women festival, the families and neighbours gather together to sing, dance and eat.

But the COVID 19 has badly affected the entire world and people are miserably suffering. Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI Nepal) has always tried to bring smile in the faces of people with difficulties. We supported food packages to 42 households living in Ratnanagar-7, Chitwan. The food packages were handed over by the chairman of Sapana Village Social Impact in presence of member of ward no.-7 of Ratnanagar Mrs Bahgabantiya Majhi hoping the great festival, ‘Jitiya’ of Tharu and Musahar will be enjoyed happily. The food packages contained 20kg rice, 1 kg lentil beans, 1 liter vegetable oil, a kilo of salt, 600 grams dried soya balls and 2 masks per family.

Thanks to Nepal Benefiet Aalsmeer, Riksja Travels, 06 Degrees Academy for Women, CHANCE for Nepal and Sapana Village Lodge for the financial contribution that truly helped SVSI to organise this project work.

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