The mission of this trip

Chepang villages in Chitwan lie 40 km away to the north from Sauraha town center, a beautiful tourist hub in Nepal. The plan was set up to experience one of the most unique cultures and know about the local people, their health conditions and living conditions, The mission of this trip was absolutely to support these people through various community development projects.

After driving in a jeep about an hour, we reached to the beautiful waterfalls area to start our trekking through small villages on the hillsides. We had an opportunity to meet local people from various ethnic communities, listened to their stories and overall problems they have been facing everyday. We were prepared carrying some smart smoke-free cooking stoves that we could handover to some really needed families. We had also carried some warm sweaters specially for the children. Those kinds were absolutely happy to receive them.

During our conversations with the locals, they mainly talked about the lack of treatment and medicines in health-post. The adults and children looked very unhealthy because of lack of nutritious food. After couple of hours of walking, we visited community health post. We found the shortage of health assistance and medicines. We could really spend sometimes talking to the health workers to cooperate on providing the enough medicines throughout the year through the support of Sapana Village Social Impact and Riksja travels, Netherlands.

We could also visit one of the partner schools of SVSI and discussed with the principal about the possibilities of supporting sectors for the development of education. We noticed the school buildings which were on pitiable conditions, classrooms were dark, very small outside open space and dirty toilet. We have immediately decided to start the day lunch program in Bharang Basic school. We could also discussed and planned to support on other sectors like stationary, play things and maintaining the playgrounds.

We have come up with a good plan schedule to support the people in the Chepang villages. We will definitely have the great efforts to bring some good changes in their lives.

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