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A Story of a 1-year Old with Skin disorder

Meet Raj Chepang, a 1-year-old boy residing in Siddhi in a place called Jhinglau where there is little to no-access of water to houses. The place is situated on the top of a steep mountain and there are no traces of infrastructures like road, mobile networks, electricity, and so on. People lack proper personal hygiene, health awareness, balanced diet and clean drinking water.
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 SVSI had an encounter with Raj on the first day of our Free Pediatric Health Camp in Siddhi with Medical Checks for Children, Netherlands. We found him in a situation where his entire body was infected with eczema, he was struggling and constantly crying. We cleaned his affected part and gave him a treatment with skin lotion and steroid. The doctors gave him some skin lotions, steroids and multi-vitamins to intake. After a few months of counselling the parents on why further treatment was necessary for him, finally, the parents were convinced. In March, SVSI sent Raj to Ishaan Children and Women Hospital. We found out the reason behind his skin problem was lack of consumption of foods containing vitamins and poor hygiene practice. Now, we can see he is finally free from the skin disorder and is healthy.