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Micro-finance Program

SVSI provides microfinance loans to small businesses in the Chitwan Area of Nepal and to the Women Skill Development project.

Microfinance is providing small scale loans to local people to set up small businesses. Sapana Village Lodge has already given microfinance support to Sapana Women Skill Development Project, two candle factories and some small local businesses like a tailor, a fruit and vegetable shop, a constructor and a carpenter.
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Sapana Women Skill Development Project
Sapana Women Skill Development Project started in August 2007. Since many women in Nepal are uneducated and illiterate, they are not able to support themselves. This makes them highly dependent on men and therefore vulnerable. This project aims to teach the women skills that can help them to support themselves. The women produce all sorts of home decorations for some Dutch and French fair-trade companies and the local Nepali market. All products are fair-trade, which means the women get a fair prices for their labour and products.

Candle Factory
An other success story: The candle factory
At the end of 2008, a group of women from a neighbouring village got microfinance through Sapana Village Lodge to start a candle factory. The deal was they would pay back the money with interest within a year. The factory became quickly very successful. As a matter of fact, they were so successful they paid back the loan within 6 months and are now completely self-supported. One of the reasons for their success is because many hotels in Sauraha now buy the candles from this factory.

A local chicken farm
Sapana has given microfinance to a group of 16 women to start a chicken farm. The farm will be animal friendly and will help the women provide for themselves and their families.

A tailorshop
With that microfinance project of Sapana, 4 women and 1 (handicapped) man started a tailor shop. Their first assignment was to make school uniforms for the local primary school. The school dresses are also sponsored through Sapana. After this assignment, they will work both for the local people and for tourists.

Traditional musical instruments project
With the growth and development of modern music industry in Nepal, the ancient music and musical instruments are in the phase of vanishing from our country. Many musical bands exist in Nepal, with a huge number in the capital city, Kathmandu.
Once popularly known as Damai Panche-Baja, mainly performed during the marriage ceremony, has still the high importance in our Nepali society. To encourage local people to continue their ancient music in highly attracted tourist destination Chitwan National Park, Sapana Village has donated Rs.50,000 (Euro 500) in 2013 to Shivalaya Panche Baja Group of Bachhauli Village Development Committee, ward no.6, Chitwan, Nepal to buy ancient musical instruments. They are known doing performances to entertain guests during their stay in Chitwan National Park, the south from the high Himalayas.