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Nisha Bhandari, severely burned to recovered

Nisha Bhandari had an unbelievable and unpredictable story of childhood. She used to live with her father and mother at Kumroj Village of Khairahani Municipality 13. Her mother was demented by the news that her dad married another woman when Nisha was just 3 years old in 2014. This shocking news result the madness of Nisha’s mother. At the mid night, Nisha’s mother flamed the fire on Nisha pouring kerosene and she ran away. Immediately, her grandmother shut the burning fire however she was already half burned.
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Luckily, Dhruba Giri received that news and quickly took her to the hospital to offer medical aid. SVSI sponsored her treatment and Dhruba decided to adopt Nisha. She started to live happy life with Dhruba. But after five months, Nisha’s father came to Dhruba to take back her. He took her away but still we are looking after her. Dhruba sponsors her educational fees, and goes to visit her frequently.