6-day free Pediatric Health Camp

Sapana Village Social Impact has conducted its "6-day free pediatric health camp” in various areas of Ichyakamana Rural Municipality-1, Rapti Municipality-11, Kailika Municipality-10 and Ratanagar Municipality-7 of Chitwan district. The health camp, where a highly qualified team of doctors from Medial Checks for Children, the Netherlands, Bharatpur Hospital, and doctors from different hospitals from Chitwan. The doctors thoroughly examined the whole body of the children from 3 months to 12 years old.

On the first day, the team of doctors examined exactly 178 children at Kalika Basic School Kalika municipality ward no- 10. Those children were victims of worms (juka), oral hygiene, malnutrition, anemia, and various other diseases. The team of doctors distributed free medicines like multivitamins, antiseptic creams, oral hygiene materials, and some warm clothes to the poor and needy people.

Similarly, on the second day, we conducted a health camp at Shree National Secondary School, Majhwang in collaboration with Siddhi Health Post. We were able to provide basic healthcare facilities to the indigenous children from local peripherals as well as Rantesh and DakshinKali Basic School where we examined more than 194 children.

On day 3rd, we were at Shree National Basic School, Bharang -1, Ichayakamana Rural Municipality with the collaboration of Bharang Health Post where we examined about 252 children from local communities like Kolbhanjang and Thaprang

On day 4th, we headed towards Hattibang Health Post, to examine the 159 children with the mutual collaboration from Hattibang Health Post, the children were from the localities like Metrang, Kaling, Jautesh area of Hattibang.

On the 5th day, we were at Shree Thakaltaar Secondary School, Rapti Municipality Ward No- 11. This was our new destination of the year for the health camp, and we registered and checked up on a total of 205 children. We would like to thank the local government of Rapti-11, the School Management Committee of Thakaltaar School, and the local people for making this program successful and making a positive impact.

Finally, it was the day of the conclusion of the 6-day free Pediatric Health camp, so on the 6th day, the health camp was organized at Sapana School, where we checked up on about 160 children. We concluded the camp with a small thanks-giving ceremony and handed over the certificate of appreciation to the team.

This year, we were successful in checking up on 1148 children. We would like to thank the volunteers and doctors by Medical Checks for Children, Bharatpur Hospital, and the College of Medical Sciences (CMS). We extend our gratitude to all of our well-wishers who supported us, and to everyone who participated in the health camp.

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