Empowering Youths through Coffee Barista Training

Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) is proud to announce the commencement of "45-day Barista, Hospitality, and Coffee Machine Repairing Training" program, in collaboration with the Mrigakunja Bufferzone User Committee. This initiative, starting today, aims to uplift the living standards of 50 marginalized youths and their families by providing essential vocational training and enhancing their employment prospects.

The training is designed to equip participants with practical skills in the fields of coffee brewing, hospitality management, and coffee machine maintenance. By focusing on these areas, SVSI hopes to create new job opportunities and foster economic independence among the participants. SVSI extends its heartfelt gratitude to Riksja Travel and 6 Degree Network for Women for their invaluable support and partnership in this endeavor. Their collaboration has been instrumental in bringing this project to
fruition and ensuring its success.

This initiative is a testament to SVSI's commitment to social impact and community development. By focusing on vocational training and sustainable employment, SVSI aims to create long-lasting positive change in the lives of these youths and their families.

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