Collaboration with different organizations for Health camp in parsa

SVSI was so excited to be part of the "Free Health Camp" held by JCI Parsa Khairahani and Nepal Health Corps in Khairahani on November 18th. This free health camp was held in Khairahani 12 and Khairahani 13.

The camp was led by experts like Senior Cardiology Specialist Dr. Sanjay Kumar Shrestha, Pediatric Consultant Dr. Smriti Mathema, and Dr. Prashant Pujsaini.

JCI Parsa Khairahani along with Nepal Health Corps played a key role in meeting the community’s healthcare needs. Services such as ECG and Echo, General examination, Blood pressure, and Blood sugar tests were given to the people.

It’s always encouraging to see a team effort working together to improve the lives of the people we serve.


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