Community Seed Fairs in Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality

In a concerted effort to preserve the rich diversity of local seed varieties, Community Seed Fairs were organized in Ghurkesh, Chapdada, and Kaule. Highlight of the fairs was the seed identification competition, where participants demonstrated their knowledge across four distinct categories of seed classification.

Interactive sessions and discussions were also integral to the fairs, providing a platform for exchanging ideas on seed conservation practices. Experts and community members shared insights and strategies, fostering a collaborative approach to maintaining the genetic diversity of local crops.

As part of the outreach efforts, organizers conducted household visits to engage with the community directly. Every household in Ghurkesh, along with 25 households in Chapdada and 24 households in Kaule, received visits. During these visits, residents were informed about the seed conservation project and encouraged to voice their demands and expectations. This grassroots engagement aimed to ensure that the initiative was tailored to the community's specific needs and perspectives.

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