SVSI distributed School Bags in Tanahu District

In a heartwarming gesture of community support, the Sapana Village team had the honor of distributing school bags to 125 children at Shree Jaya Durga Secondary School in Pipaltar, Ward 5, Tanahu district. Responding to a request from the school's management team, we delivered the much-needed school bags and organized a short program for their distribution.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from the school’s students and staff. The program, though brief, was filled with joy and gratitude as the children received their new school bags. These bags are expected to greatly assist the students in carrying their educational materials, thereby supporting their learning journey.

The school management expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Sapana Village team for their generous support and prompt response to their proposal. This initiative underscores the importance of community involvement in enhancing educational resources and opportunities for children in rural areas.

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