Completion of Siddhi Project

The completion of “One Step in the Development of Siddhi by preserving nature” will be celebrated with the prize award ceremony in Dec.

As the judgment day for prize distribution ceremony of ”One step in the development of Siddhi by Preserving nature”, is nearing we have started the preparation. We trained the Jury of all 15 clusters dated 2018-11-5th and 6th. The training was conducted for 2 days as there were many new faces joining us this time. The first day was basically about detailing the questions to the jury one by one and teaching them how to judge the family and the second day was on field training. All the jury’s were taken to some houses and were asked to evaluate the house and provided feedback where necessary

The evaluation is started from 2018-11-11 for inter family competition. The prize distribution will be on 8th December 2018.

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