Dream Homes in Ratnanagar, Rapti and Khairahani Municipality

Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) in 2080/081 has given continuation to "SapanaKa Gharharu" or the Dream Homes Project, dedicated to constructing new homes for impoverished families in Ratnanagar, Rapti, and Khaireheni Municipalities. This project focuses on uplifting the most disadvantaged and marginalized communities by providing them with stable and secure housing. The Dream Homes Project aims to improve the living conditions of families who have long been struggling with inadequate shelter. By collaborating closely with local government bodies and key stakeholders, SVSI ensures that the houses built are tailored to meet the specific needs of each beneficiary family.

Through the Dream Homes Project, we are not just building houses; we are fostering hope and stability for those who need it the most. The initiative is a testament to SVSI's commitment to social impact and community development in Nepal. By targeting some of the country's most vulnerable populations, the project seeks to promote long-term stability and improved living standards. Beneficiary families, often from poor and marginalized backgrounds, are given a new lease on life with homes that provide much-needed security and comfort.

As the Dream Homes Project progresses, it brings the promise of a brighter future for many families, ensuring they have the essential foundation to build better lives.

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