Field Visit to Project Areas

On Oct 30, Sapana Village Social Impact organized a Team Field Visit to our project areas in Kalika Municipality and Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality. During this visit, we had the privilege of engaging in an informal meeting with esteemed leaders from the mother groups, entrepreneur groups and local communities. We were grateful to sit down with Mr. Narjung Chepang, Chairperson of Kalika-10, and Mr. Santa Bahadur Magar, Chairperson of Ichchhakamana-1.

Our field visit allowed us to not only connect with these dedicated community leaders but also to visit our project sites, see the outcomes and interact with the beneficiaries of our Holistic Development Projects. These projects, namely "One Step in the Development of Siddhi" and "Every Venture Begins with a Dream," have played major role in fostering positive change, awareness, behavorial change and progress within these communities. This visit also helped us to provide wider insights of our work, mission and organizational goals to our newly joined team members.

We are grateful for the support and collaboration of local leaders and the unwavering determination of our beneficiaries, and we are committed to our mission of holistic development.

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