Planting for Life

Planting for Life, a project launched by SVSI in collaboration with various stakeholders is a multifaceted project. Its primary objectives are environmental preservation, disaster prevention, and economic empowerment for local communities. This initiative is concentrated on the cultivation of a diverse range of crops, including; fruits, medicinal herbs, cash crops, and flowers. The project's focus is to utilize vacant land close to Sapana Village.

The plants that will be grown are mango, litchi, guava, star fruit, watermelon, guava, papaya & intertropical vegetation like; lemon, ginger, and turmeric. Also, cash crops like; ginger, turmeric, radish, and potato along with floriculture farming including; marigold, Common globe amaranth (Makhamali), etc will be grown side by side.

In conclusion, our initiative presents a promising opportunity for low-income families to generate income and play a vital role in environmental conservation by cultivating diverse plant species. The project's overarching goal overlaps with the vision and commitments of SVSI to make a meaningful contribution by mitigating pollution, promoting sustainability for both humans and wildlife, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and strengthening economic empowerment.


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