Lunch Program Start in Shree

Bhulbhule Basic School

NGO SVSI in Chitwan Nepal started a school lunch program at the Shree Bhulbhule Basic School of Ichchhakamana. 65 Children get a daily healthy lunch!

On the mutual cooperation of local government, Sapana Village Social Impact (NGO SVSI) started the lunch program in Shree Bhulbhule Basic School of Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality, ward no. 2, Tobang. 65 children in school will get their healthy and nutritious lunch from now onwards. They also received some cooking materials, serving plates and shelves. “This will definitely help the children to be regular in their classes and they remain healthy with good meals given to them”, says the chief of education who attended the event. We believe that the school will practice to provide the meals to the children as per our given food menu. They are also taught to take care the materials stored in the room.

Thanks to the Ketaketi Ghar Nepal and entire team who are involved in this beautiful project to support the children.

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