Giving gives happiness and satisfaction

NGO SVSI in Nepal empowers women by offering the driving lessons and replacing homes which were destroyed by the floods – for more independancy.“Giving Gives You Happiness and Satisfaction”

On the special day of “Shiva-Ratri”, Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) organized Homes Handover and Driving License Distribution Program which are run through its projects Sapanako Gharharu and Ladies on the Front Seats. The aim of distributing license to the ladies is to empower them for living.

Sapana Village has started replacing those old houses which were fully destroyed by heavy rain-falls and floods. The lives of these people have been badly affected.

Thanks to Ratnanagar Municipality, Wilde Ganzen Foundation, and Riksja Travels for their mutual cooperation on the homes project whereas 6 Degrees Network for Women coordinated for the driving license project.

We are honored to have the presence of all respected individuals who represented either from the government side or from various social organizations.