Organic Broom Grass, Fodder & Fruit Trees Seedling Distribution Program

The Sapna Village Social Impact has recently distributed fruit and broom grass seedlings to the Chepang community in Ward No. 1 of Ichchakamana Rural Municipality in Chitwan. The project aims to generate income, protect the climate, and control soil erosion by distributing organic oranges, lemons, and Broom grass.

The team behind Sapana Village Social Impact has a strong belief in the power of dreams, which is reflected in their project. A total of 77,250 saplings (71,750 broom grass, 5,050 orange and 450 lemon) have been distributed so far, benefiting underdeveloped areas. The team of SVSI, identified the need for fruit trees and broom grass in combating deforestation and environmental issues. The distribution of orange seedlings and broom grass seedlings catered to local needs, providing nutritious leaves for goats and improving the social and economic life of the Chepang community.


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Through the project, 665 families have witnessed improvements in their standard of living, including better access to education and the cultivation of crops and livestock for income. The program also included training Chepang residents to effectively utilize their limited resources, and a nursery was established in three different clusters of the project area to grow seedlings of different fodder and fruit seedlings.