Oxygen cylinders handover

SVSI Nepal donates oxygen cylinders to Bharatpur hospital to Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality to find against the COVID pandemic crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic has already overwhelmed Nepal’s healthcare system because of a large number of positive cases and some deaths everyday. Due to the lack of sufficient oxygen cylinders, bed and ventilators, many hospitals in Nepal are in the condition of shutting down their gates to the patients. Seeking the help from the government and various social sectors, the hospitals are appealing for support.
Sapana Village Social Impact and its team have been actively involved in various crisis situations to support needy people involving with the local authorities. Realizing that we can give hopes to many sick people for their lives, Sapana Village donated 10 cylinders filled with oxygen to Bharatpur hospital and 5 oxygen cylinders with medical sets to Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality. The board of directors of SVSI and its team handed over the oxygen cylinders to Dr. Bhojraj Adhikari, the chairperson of Bharatpur hospital and to Mrs. Geeta Gurung, the chairperson of Ichchhakamana.

“Thank you Sapana Village and team for giving breathes to the poor sick people who come from different districts of Nepal to this central government hospital. Managing the oxygen cylinders has been a real panic to our team. This donation came at the right time to needed people and can save lives of more than hundred people”, said Dr. Adhikari.

Thanks to all respected individuals who involved at this great work of humanity. Special thanks to Riksja Travels and Nepal Benefiet Aalsmeer, Netherlands for the financial support through the contacts of SVSI. We believe, together we can make the difference.
Our next mission is to provide oxygen concentrators to much needed government hospitals.