Oxygen Cylinders Handover in

Bakulahar-Ratnanagar Hospital

Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) conducted another Oxygen Cylinders handover program in Bakulahar-Ratnanagar Hospital in Chitwan Nepal to fight the COVID pandemic. They have insufficient oxygen cylinders in the COVID isolation ward where some COVID virus infected patients are under treatment.

Sapana Village provided 7 oxygen filled cylinders as donation to save people who are suffering from the virus because of lack of oxygen in this government hospital. SVSI with the help of friends could only manage 7 oxygen cylinders at the moment and we will be working on to provide another 15 cylinders to this hospital. Sick people admitted in the hospital are mostly from the remote areas of Chitwan and they belong to marginalized family backgrounds.

SVSI is grateful to its board members, the team, journalists and all respected persons who have involved and supported theprogram in various ways.

Thank you Riksja Travels and Nepal Benefiet Aalsmeer, Netherlands for the fund sponsored for the great work of humanity.

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