SVSI offers Goat Breeding Training for Chepang Farmer

NGO SVSI offers Goat Breeding Training as well as goat donations to Chepang farmers in the Chitwan region in Nepal for an independant life!

Training for Goat Breeding Farmer has successfully organized on 27th feb.2021 for the income generating section. There were 22 participants from 11 cluster of the project. The main goal of the training is, through SVSI we going to provide male goat to the farmer for the breeding.


In the active presence of team Sapana Village Social Impact-SVSI and Prakash agricultural
The out-reach station of bore goat production center and the winner of the president gold medal in the goat breeding program. The selected participants were goat raring farmers from the project area, they passionately participated in the training to become a commercial goat raring farmer.

Training included:

  1. Types of goats in Nepal and popular goats in the world.
  2. Cross-breeding culture.
  3. Major diseases of the goats.
  4. Prevention of the major diseases of the goats and medicine.
  5. Types of fodder plant which can be grown in the project area.
  6. Different types of goat’s grasses.
  7. Cleanliness and hygiene of the goats and goat’s shed.
  8. Structure of the goat’s shed.
  9. Feeding schedule of the goats.
  10. The best goats species for the meat production and cheese.
  11. Finding the market of the product.
  12. Sustainability of the goat’s farming.

Thanks to the trainer Prakash Malla and Femi Foundation, Neatherland.

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