Education support ,Chitwan Nepal

by SVSI for school

Education project Chitwan Nepal by SVSI – Making Lives Happier Through Care for Bhulbhule Basic School in Ichchhakamana.

Children in the rural schools of Nepal have limited or no access to their basic needs like school uniforms, shoes, bags or day lunch in school. Though the development of education is highly dependent on government planning, the schools located in the mountain areas of Nepal are hardly equipped with the necessary teaching materials and the proper setup of the classrooms.

Among a few other schools in Chitwan and its neighbor districts, Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) has committed to supporting Bhulbhule Basic School of Tobang in Ichchhakamana rural municipality. Our team distributed some full sets of uniforms to more than 70 children. We are truly thankful to the entire team Ketaketighar Netherlands for the financial efforts through the contact of SVSI. Through our support to them, we greatly value the happiness of children inspiring them to attend their classes regularly.


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