Smoke-free stoves by SVSI for

families Kaule Nepal

Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality

Chitwan, Nepal.

Improved smoke-free smart stoves were distributed by SVSI to the families living in the mountain areas of Kaule in Nepal improving health! Stating that respiratory diseases are increasing in the community due to the use of traditional stoves, Sapana Village Social Impact has supported by donating improved stoves in collaboration with Soul Ventures, (Riksja Travels, Netherlands) in Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality-2, Tobang where our project “Educating Chepang” is running.

The improved smart stoves will be truly useful in reducing the workload of the women and helping in reducing respiratory and smoky diseases. The conservation of forest would be effective only if all sectors take the lead in the growth and development of forest dependent communities.

Cooking in a traditional stove consumes a lot of firewood and the smoke from it also causes respiratory diseases. The traditional fire places are also at risk for children to be burnt while playing inside the house.

Thanks to all for attending at the distribution program to motivate us and aware people to be more conscious about their health and preserving the nature.