Empowering Communities through Music Education

SVSI announce the start of our Music Project in a school where 75% of students are from the Chepang Community, with the cooperation of Kalika Municipality. This project aims to address the issue of children's low interest in learning in Kalika Municipality, Chitwan, Nepal, by implementing music education classes in two schools: Kalika Basic School (Ward No. 10) and Majhbang Secondary School (Ward No. 11). Children's disinterest in traditional learning methods prompted collaborative efforts between schools, parents, and SVSI. Recognizing the potential of music education in fostering engagement and enthusiasm for learning, stakeholders proposed integrating music classes into the curriculum.

The project seeks to introduce structured musiceducation classes within the schools' curriculum, leveraging music's universal appeal to captivate students' interest and enhance their learning experiences. Rather than viewing music solely as entertainment, it will be integrated as a core component of the educational journey. The project targets marginalized communities, particularly the disadvantaged Chepang ethnic group residing in Siddhi, within Kalika Municipality.

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