Vegetable Farming and Nursery Development Training Event Held in Ichchhakamana for Rain Communities

On February 20, 2024 (08 Falgun 2080), a significant event took place under the project titled "Integrated Resource Management of Water and Ecosystem in Central Hills of Nepal." This initiative benefited five rain communities: Ghurkesh (घुर्केस), Chhaapdada (छापडाँडा), Kaule (काउले), Tobang (तोबाङ), and Hattibang (हात्तीबाङ). The event was hosted at the office of Ward Number 2 in Hapani.

The primary focus of the activity was providing training in vegetable farming and nursery development. This effort was a collaborative venture with Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality, which organized the training session. SVSI - Sapana Village Social Impact supported the event by distributing seeds and seedling trays to participants, aiming to enhance agricultural practices and sustainability in these communities.


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