Kitchen and Lunch at School Opening Program

The kitchen was constructed with support from sponsors and donors. SVSI and the local
government have worked together to ensure that the kitchen is safe and hygienic. The kitchen has the necessary supplies and appliances to prepare and store the day meals. SVSI has organized a training program to educate the staff on proper food hygiene and safety. The training program focuses on how to prepare and store food, how to ensure proper hygiene in the kitchen, and how to manage the kitchen operations. SVSI also provides a monitoring system to ensure that the kitchen staff follows the safety standards; the kitchen is also supported by the local community. A team of volunteers from the local community helped in the operations of the kitchen.


The program was initiated with the invocation of Peaceful Prayer by students of Shree National Basic School, Bharang. The Opening Ceremony was considered with the presence of Representative of Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality -1, SVSI Team members, Parents and Teachers. After that, the event was proceeded with the speech of SVSI chairman requested to the parents to help the school for upcoming future , to Make a proper schedule of the lunch for their children and To Take land in lease and do organic vegetablefarming etc. They thanked SVSI forthe initiation of School Lunch Program and motivated the parents and teachers to work together with SVSI for the betterment of the students that will help them in their bright future. They also requested the parents to take care of the kitchen and the surrounding areas.


We are very happy about the outcome of this project. The school and the community has seen increment in students of the school, less drop out, regularity in attendance, quality education of the children have been very enthusiastic and supportive of the project. They are also very eager to learn and implement the techniques that were taught in the training. We are confident that the project will continue to have a positive impact on the community and its members in the years to come. We would like to thank Wilde Ganzen, Riksja Travel and Nepal Benefiet Aalsmeer for their support in making these projects a success. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of the people of Nepal.

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