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Ladies Nature Guide

The wildlife guide training for ladies has been successfully accomplished. Sapana Village Social Impact in collaboration with 6 degree academy for women has trained 19 ladies to be guide out of which 16 appeared in the final exam taken by National Trust for Nature Conservation(NTNC) and 16 are certified as nature guide by National park after they passed the exam taken by NTNC. All women are not only provided the nature guide training but also other trainings such as hospitality, English language, self defense, emergency health care, culture and history of chitwan and Nepal were provided.
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Wildlife guide income creates independant women
Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal established in 2030 B.S. and listed in the world heritage site.  Sauraha is the third touristic area of Nepal.  Only 3 women wildlife guides are working in this touristic area.There is lots of demand of women nature guides. Nature guide is one of  the best field of income generation for ladies in the surrounding of Sauraha, so,  Sapana Village Social Impact decided to provide the nature guide training for women.

New start for poor and jobless women in Chitwan
Most of the women trained in Chitwan are either house wives or jobless young ladies. Some are from very poor economic background whereas some are from middle class family. We believe that all the ladies will be involved in income generating activities i.e. individual guide, office of guide of job in private organizations. We believe that these ladies will be able to earn minimum of Nrs.18000 a month in the days to come.

Full training including hospitality – english lessons and first aid
Organization not only provided the nature guide training, we also provided the hospitality, first aid, English Language and self defense training. English language training was provided for 45 days by an expert English language instructor. We also provided the hospitality training using the professors from one of the best hospitality college of Chitwan. The doctor from local area who has been treating different jungle related cases and has a good knowledge about possible accidents in the jungle was our first aid trainer. We trained them about defending self in case of any bullying or harassment by guests or other coworkers by a Group-4 security services.

Bright Future!
The ladies were engaged in On Job Training after the completion of the 3 moths training of English language and the nature guide and other trainings. Some started helping their parents running their own hospitality business, five started working in different hotels and guide offices and the rest started a sample guide office and started working on their own. During this time they also formed a group (womwn wildlife tours) to do savings and the chairman of the group is Goma Thapa. Forty applicants including our 16 ladies were then trained by NTNC for 10 days and were set for exam and all 16 ladies have passed the exam and the topper of the group was Alina Tiwari.

Wildlife and culture in Sauraha Chitwan Nepal
The wildlife guide training was not only lecture method. We had different schedule for different activities. All the participants were provided with enough practical knowledge. They were provided Jeep safari to know the local community forest and the national park, bird watching with bird specialist, jungle walk with botanist and expert guide to know about the plants and herbs including animals. They were also provided knowledge about local Tharu culture and possible touristic destinations of sauraha that has high cultural, religious and historical values.

After passing the nature guide exam taken by NTNC all the ladies were called to Sapana Village Social Impact and were asked to share their feelings and plans for the future. Alina Tiwari wanted to continue her study. Manju maya tamang and Dipa Raut wanted to work in hotels and remaining wanted to work in their own office. The talk was so positive and energetic that we felt these women will make a bright future of themselves and the tourism business of Sauraha by preserving nature.