Medical Checkup Mission 2011
  • Medical Checkup Mission 2011
  • Medical Checkup Mission 2011

Medical Checkup Mission 2011

Serious problems exist in the rural villages of Chitwan for children who are dying from common illness and infections. Considering this situation, a check-up mission was started since 2010 with the mutual co-operation of FEMI (Foundation to Earth, Mankind through Inspiration and Initiative), Bunch (Bongers Unlimited Children’s Health), MCC (Medical Checkup for Children, Netherlands) and Sapana Village in order to inform parents and children about the health rules as well as gender health and hygiene through various health camps in the rural village. We are continuously doing medical checkup till present on the different rural villages where is lack of facility of regular health checkup and nutrition.
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Around 1200 kids were directly benefited from the camps each year where they examine by Dutch doctors and received medicines, tooth-brush, tooth-paste, soap and educational materials. The below is the example information of Medical Checkup 2011 regarding the health mission and number of kids examine in the weeklong problem.

Date                Location                                   No. of kids
1st Dec Siddhi Village132
2nd Dec Siddhi village 130
3rd Dec Shaktikhor Village201
4th Dec Piple village235
5th Dec Chainpur village155
6th Dec Kumroj village165
7th DecSapana Village Lodge140


S.N.ParticularNo. of kids with percent
1Underweight338 (29%)
2Stunting( Too short for age)397 (34%)
3Anemia602 (52%)
4Caries330 (30%)



S.N.Name of medicineNo. of kids with percent
1Iron                                               251 (21%)
2Multi vitamin587 (50%)
3Preventive Anti-worm744 (64%)
Rest of children got medicine from government